What Happens After Your NYC Cooling Tower Tests Positive for Legionella?

Any presence of Legionella bacteria in your cooling tower system means it’s time to get serious about compliance and remediation. Detecting any presence of Legionella bacteria in a cooling tower system is a concern. Legionella is an extremely resilient bacteria, making it difficult to kill or remove entirely. The law requires you to take immediate action but taking preventative measures after the growth is contained is critical.

So, what should you do after you detect the presence of Legionella bacteria in your cooling tower?

Notification of Exceedance Requirements

During routine sampling of cooling tower water, if you detect the presence of legionella where the culture is equal to or exceeds 1,000 colony forming units per milliliter (CFU/mL), then you are required by law to notify the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) within 24 hours. Moreover, upload you need to upload your positive test results into the NYC cooling tower registration portal. Also, to ensure you’re in full compliance, you can call the DOHMH at [NYC number].

After notifying the DOHMH, you must conduct a thorough disinfection and cleaning of your cooling tower system, with an NY state-approved biocide to get rid of as much legionella growth as possible. Once the disinfection and cleaning of the cooling tower system is complete, you must retest the system within 3 to 7 days of this corrective action.

The Presence of Legionella Bacteria Means It’s Time to Get Serious About Compliance and Remediation

Seeking an outside, independent third-party to help with compliance and legionella containment will safeguard your business from huge fines and protect the public from harmful disease.

After your cooling tower tests positive for legionella in excess of 1,000 CFU/mL, you’re required to take immediate action. While the presence of Legionella does not automatically mean an outbreak will occur, it does mean it’s time for you to get serious about compliance and remediation.

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