How To Achieve ZERO Cooling Tower Violations In A Landmark Luxury Hotel in NYC





Since 2016, a landmark, luxury hotel was struggling with achieving ZERO cooling tower violations. In early 2018, we started consulting with the owners and building staff of this hotel and learned that there was a HUGE disconnect between the water treatment company and cooling tower consultancy.  The deeply-rooted problem was that the consultancy wanted everything their way and, unfortunately in today’s world being inflexible to other’s creative ideas on how to stave off Legionella is a hard pill to swallow for any water treatment vendor.

So, what did our team (NYC-CTIS) do that actually made the DIFFERENCE?

1st Step: We evaluated all of the associated cooling tower documentation for FREE.

2nd Step: Within 24 Hours of our 1st visit, our compliance team provided this customer with our survey-report; a report that detailed their current compliance status and our immediate recommendations. Shortly thereafter, we were hired as the new cooling tower consultancy and a new water treatment vendor was also hired.

3rd Step: Our team met and actually sat down with the technical director of this new water treatment company and we all then agreed to all chemicals, dosages, and equipment to be used for this customer.

4th Step: Our team then hand-tailored a cooling tower plan for this customer and delivered this plan on-site with the water treatment vendor.

5th Step: We then TRAINED the building staff, TRAINED the building staff, and TRAINED the building staff


Our NYC’s cooling tower world is evolving and being open-minded (flexible) to other possible avenues to stave off Legionella within a water system is a quintessential piece to achieving ZERO cooling tower violations. And sometimes, people need extra visits to train….take your time with everyone.

What makes an expert is not all of the knowledge that you know about cooling towers, but how easy that you make it for a customer to understand……the secret lies in laymen’s terms (aka KISS).”

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