How Do You Know if Somebody is Qualified to Inspect Your Cooling Tower? 3 Cool Tips!

Cooling Tower Compliance Inspections are SIMILAR TO REPORTS CARDS and they should provide a deep look into the current health of your cooling tower and overall compliance status. These report cards and/or audits are the secrets to obtaining ZERO Cooling Tower Violations.

Here are some tips that will help you ensure that your current, cooling tower inspection person has what it takes to really inspect your cooling tower:

  1. Does your inspector – qualified person physically touch the water treatment equipment (i.e., does the inspector physically ensure that the water treatment controller is programmed in accordance to the cooling tower plan,  does the inspector physically ensure that the automated bleed valve  and all chemical metering pumps are working properly)?

  2. Does your inspector – qualified person ask you for your cooling tower plan, log sheets, and records (i.e., does the inspector inform you of any missing reports, does the inspector discuss with you the current status of your water testing logs and records)? 

  3. Does your inspector – qualified person provide you with their inspection report on the same-day of their visit?

For decades, water treatment vendors have inspected their own services, and, at times, unfortunately that philosophy may have had an understandable bias; they are inspecting the quality of their own work.

BE SAFE: Using a third-party service for cooling tower – compliance inspections is a simple way to avoid  biased cooling tower – compliance inspections and to add an extra layer of security with regards to your overall compliance with your cooling tower. Your tenants and staff deserve this!

NYC-CTIS: NYC Cooling Inspections and Services, a third party service,  will reduce risks and liabilities – which are especially important when there’s so much at stake!  Learn more about how our cooling tower inspections mitigate your risk and liability.

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