Health Department’s New Program Helps You Achieve NYC Cooling Tower Compliance

Posted on April 11, 2018

Cooling tower compliance is critical to the health and safety of NYC residents. In response to rising rates of Legionnaire’s Disease, the NYC Health Department is introducing a brand new Cooling Tower Academy to educate property managers about compliance with Local Law 77.

For building owners and property managers, this is a rare opportunity to get free education on cooling tower compliance and to see what’s non-compliant in your own facilities without first receiving steep fines.

Why is the NYC Health Department Teaching Cooling Tower Compliance?

Keeping cooling towers free of Legionella growth, and thus preventing cases of Legionnaire’s Disease among the NYC public, aligns with the Health Department’s overall mission.

“A well-maintained cooling tower is critical to reducing the risk of Legionnaire’s Disease,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett. “New York City has the nation’s most comprehensive cooling tower maintenance regulations, which is why education is such a critical component. We are excited to work with property managers to educate them about best practices to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria.”

The Health Department is going out of their way to assist property managers. Those who have received Violation Deficiency Reports (VDRs) or are unsure of their compliance status should take full advantage of this opportunity.

The Importance of Understanding Cooling Tower Regulations

As the Health Commissioner stated, NYC has the most complex regulations surrounding cooling towers in the nation. Even simply gaining a full understanding of cooling tower regulations can be difficult, let alone achieving cooling tower compliance.

In addition to the complexity of cooling tower regulations, there are severe fines for those that are in non-compliance. And should Legionella growth in a cooling tower lead to an outbreak of Legionnaire’s, that company may be liable.

Understanding and adhering to cooling tower regulations in NYC is extremely important for any property manager. While it takes time to understand and achieve compliance, the risks are too high to not make cooling towers a priority.

The Health Department’s new Cooling Tower Academy is a valuable resource for property managers in the NYC area and shows how committed they are to restricting the growth of Legionella in cooling towers.

To learn more about compliance in your facilities, see how a Cooling Tower Audit can uncover sources of non-compliance and get you ready for your next random inspection.

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