What are NYC Cooling Tower Inspectors Looking For in Cooling Tower Compliance?

Posted on May 2, 2018

All cooling towers in NYC are subject to random inspections for regulatory compliance. These inspections could occur at any time and the fines for non-compliance are high. Achieving cooling tower compliance is important, but what are NYC inspectors actually looking for?

The Road to Cooling Tower Compliance

Understanding what cooling tower inspectors are searching for is the first step in ensuring you achieve cooling tower compliance. The inspection checklist itself is lengthy but can be broken into six major categories which need to be reported to pass inspection and receive certification.

Facility Information: This may include cooling tower specifications, plan preparer’s information, , and other building information.

Maintenance Program and Plan: It will be in the best interest of the owner that this plan adhere to the NYC Cooling Tower – Model Template.

Inspection Records: Building owners must retain records of past cooling tower inspection dates and results to ensure remediation and improvement over time. IMPORTANT: Each inspection must have a review of maintenance records.

Bacteriological Sampling Results: These results are separate from legionella testing results and must be conducted at the correct time every week.

Legionella Sampling Results: These results must be kept on record. Please ensure that there is always some form of documentation (actual report, confirmation form) available for all Legionella tests.

Cooling Tower Disinfection Events: Building owners must retain records of emergency disinfection and decontamination events. Uploading these specific type of documents to the NYC Cooling Tower Website is also required.

All of the above noted categories make for a good start on the road to compliance.  In general, compliance is a unique platform to navigate through – a compliance expert will make this easy for your team.

To learn more about passing cooling tower inspections, see why NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services is the foremost authority in NYC cooling tower compliance.

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