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Peace of Mind:
Limit Your Liability with Unbiased Cooling Tower Compliance Services

friendly workerFor over a decade, NYC Cooling Tower’s certified, licensed experts have been at the forefront of water treatment concerns.

Having been involved with current legislation, as well as consulting on recent legionella outbreaks throughout New York City, including the Opera House Hotel and the Power Plant in the Bronx, our team provides you with the most comprehensive understanding of compliance and NYC cooling tower regulations and violations.

That means we are best equipped to help you manage your cooling tower and related HVAC equipment liability concerns!

Our strategic alliance with premiere mechanical contractors makes us your one-stop resource for all of your cooling tower needs – from conducting inspections, to developing custom cooling tower maintenance program and plans, to high tech water treatment equipment and cooling tower installation.

No one in NYC offers you the in-depth, same-day, online reporting that we do. No one has the qualifications, experience and level of resources that we can provide you.

  • Unbiased, Independent Cooling Tower Inspections;
  • All services authorized with a stamp of approval from our Lead Certified Water Technologist;
  • All managers have a NY State Category 7G Certification;
  • Advisors on recent legislation;

No one can predict what an inspector will do or say. But, our most recent experiences working with NYC’s inspectors has provided us with the best frame of reference to guide building owners on how to protect themselves from receiving unnecessary cooling tower violations.

For unbiased, expert cooling tower inspection & services,
call us at (718) 799-5204.

WARNING: It is ill-advised to allow a water treatment vendor to inspect their own chemical program. To reduce risk and liability, you are best served by independent, unbiased testing from certified water treatment experts. Your ideal option is to have your Legionella concerns managed by an experienced Certified Water Technologist.