Avoiding the Pitfalls of Cooling Tower Water Management Compliance

Even with the required Plan in place, you could still be vulnerable to fines for non-compliance.

You may have competed the rigorous cleaning and testing schedule perfectly, but if you are not keeping your cooling tower water management documentation exactly as mandated, you are vulnerable to being fined!

Whether it’s time constraints or a lack of expertise, many businesses are challenged with keeping up with cooling tower documentation requirements. In response to New York City’s recent legionella crises, inspectors are out in full-force and unscheduled inspections are inevitable. Documentation tells them what they need to know and if you are missing any items, you are in violation.

Don’t let an oversight in your documentation cost you!

Protect Your Business With a Cooling Tower Compliance Audit

Using the same set of criteria as that used by a NYC Cooling Tower Inspector, our Cooling Tower Compliance Audit provides you with a comprehensive view of where your cooling tower plan, logs and other documentation requirements are likely to fail inspection. Performed by one of our certified, experienced compliance experts, the Cooling Tower Compliance Audit acts as your first level of defense against violations, allowing you to remedy the situation before an official inspection occurs – potentially saving you thousands of dollars and hours of additional work.

Protect your business, your budget and your brand with a Cooling Tower Compliance Audit. Call us to schedule!
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