Our mission is to provide our customers with an elite group of certified water professionals that exude honesty and transparency as we build long-term relationships with building owners and their associated support systems (i.e., property managers, engineers). Water quality matters and we promise to apply our zeal and expertise to exceed every expectation that you have regarding water systems and compliance.



Our Compliance Team Are Ambassadors To Public Safety

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    No other company has the level of compliance resources that we can provide your building’s staff.


    Steven Serrano

    Steven Serrano

    Chief Executive Officer

    Steven Serrano is co-founder, owner, and Lead - Certified Water Technologist of NYC-CTIS: NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services. His philosophy, energy, unparalleled understanding of water systems (domestic water and cooling towers) and compliance have made him a respected leader in the NYC Water Treatment Industry and Compliance Field. Steven takes a hands-on approach to running the company, and, in fact, still manages several critical projects in NYC every year. A tremendous emphasis is placed on using the latest technology and under Steven's leadership the company has become an industry leader in the NYC Metro area. He says “No one can predict what a NYC official inspector will do or say. But, our on-going conversations with the NYC Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) provides us with an excellent frame of reference to guide building owners to a safe road; the road to no violations." Steven believes that there are three goals necessary for quality control for domestic water and HVAC water systems: educate the customer to our innovative way of dealing with compliance, communicate clearly and candidly, and respond AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.” Steven is a member of the Queens Chamber of Commerce and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), where he is active in efforts to educate a number of key executives within the NYC Metro Area. He is also an awesome father and a NY/NJ State - Commercial Pesticides Applicator.

    Francesca Velasquez

    Francesca Velasquez

    Director of Compliances

    Francesca Velasquez is an Environmental Consultant and is responsible for developing solutions for building owners on how to achieve compliance within the domestic water and cooling tower arenas. Francesca also formulates and executes long-term strategies, sources new business, and drives the company’s focus: advocation of public and water safety. In the most recent past, Francesca has expanded NYC-CTIS's portfolio across various markets. Noteworthy to mention is that Francesca works closely with each building's staff to ensure proper onboard training and implementation of our compliance methods.

    Reynaldo Benitez

    Reynaldo Benitez

    Senior Water Quality Engineer

    Reynaldo Benitez is an Environmental Consultant, a 25 year veteran in the water treatment industry, and is responsible for ensuring that our customers maintain proper water quality within their HVAC water systems.