Cooling Tower Compliance Inspection


Our quality driven – cooling tower inspections are conducted by one of our New York State Certified Water Treatment experts.  Compliance Inspections are, in essence, your first line of defense against contracting Legionella, engaging in non-compliant activity, and receiving unnecessary costly fines.

With the stakes being so high, why allow your current water treatment vendor to inspect their own work?

With our independent cooling tower compliance inspections, we will provide you with an outside perspective into your cooling tower compliance; a perspective that will result in no future cooling tower violations.  

image of a water tower
Our cooling tower inspections are performed on a 84 day cycle to ensure that you never miss another inspections again!
We also provide the most in-depth reporting. With our expert 100-point cooling tower and associated equipment inspection, your team will be safeguarded from many possible conflicts of interest.

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