Our independent cooling tower inspections are conducted by one of our New York State Certified Water Treatment experts.
Compliance Inspections are, in essence, your first line of defense against contracting Legionella, engaging in non-compliant activity, and receiving unnecessary costly fines.
With the stakes being so high, why allow your current water treatment vendor to inspect their own work?
Avoid the Fox watching the Hen house issue! Remove the conflicts of interests within your building.
With our 100% independent cooling tower compliance inspections, we will tell you the 100% truth about your cooling tower compliance status and, as a direct result, ensure public safety and ZERO violations..
*Our cooling tower inspections are performed on a 84 day cycle to ensure that you never miss another inspections again!
All of our inspections are conducted by a qualified person (i.e., Certified Water Technologist, NY State Certified Water Treatment Experts) .
We also provide the most in-depth reporting in the industry, our expert 100-point cooling tower and associated equipment inspection provides you with the exacting information you need to protect your tenants and your investment.
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