Cooling Tower Inspection

Our quality cooling tower inspections by our New York State Certified Water Treatment experts are your first line of defense against contracting Legionella, engaging in non-compliant activity, and receiving unnecessary costly fines.

NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services

With the stakes being so high, it is not in your best interests to have your water treatment vendor inspect their own work. Just as you wouldn’t expect your employees to conduct their own performance evaluations, you shouldn’t expect your water treatment vendor to conduct his own cooling tower inspection.

To ensure you safeguard your buildings and your tenants, our Certified Water Treatment Professionals provide you with unbiased, independent and expert cooling tower inspections that you require to:

  • Fulfill regulatory mandates*
  • Avoid the spread of disease
  • Safeguard the health of your buildings and tenants
  • Avoid costly fines
cooling tower inspection nyc

*Cooling tower inspections by a qualified person (i.e., Certified Water Technologist, NY State Certified Water Treatment Experts) must be performed every 90 days. Records of all activities must be accurately maintained.

Providing the most in-depth reporting in the industry, our expert 100-point cooling tower and associated equipment inspection provides you with the exacting information you need to protect your tenants and your investment.

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WARNING: It is ill-advised to allow a water treatment vendor to inspect their own chemical program. To reduce risk and liability, you are best served by independent, unbiased testing from certified water treatment experts. Your ideal option is to have your Legionella concerns managed by an experienced Certified Water Technologist.