If you have a cooling tower, you are required by law to fulfill specific requirements mandated by New York City. Failure to do so may result in heavy fines (see Cooling Tower Fines below) or even the added expense of a lawsuit.

Cooling Tower inspections by a qualified person (i.e., Certified Water Technologist, NY State Certified Water Treatment Experts) must be performed every 90 days. Records of all activities must be accurately maintained.

NYC Cooling Tower Regulations - (PDF)

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Cooling Tower Fines


Section of Law Description Penalty:
First Violation
Repeat violation(s)
24 RCNY §8-03 No maintenance program and plan $1000 $2000
24 RCNY §8-03 Maintenance program and plan incomplete or not on premises $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-04(a) Routine monitoring not conducted, documented at least once a week when tower is in use $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-04(b) Compliance inspections not conducted, documented at least once every 90 days when the tower is in use $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-04(c) Routine maintenance according to maintenance program and plan not conducted or documented $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-04(d) Twice yearly or other required cleaning not conducted or documented $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-04(e) Aerosol control do not meet manufacturer’s design specifications or drift loss reduction requirements in new or existing towers when required $1000 $2000
24 RCNY §8-05(a) Daily automatic or approved alternative water treatment plan not provided $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(b) Cooling water system not continually recirculated and no acceptable alternative $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(c)(1) Use of an unqualified biocide applicator $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(c)(2) Use of an unregistered biocide product $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(c)(3) No records of all chemicals and biocides added $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(c)(4) Sufficient quantities and combinations of chemicals not added as specified in the maintenance program and plan $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(d) Using unacceptable alternative non-chemical water treatment device $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(e) Use of captured rainwater or recycled water as makeup water no in accordance with approved alternative water source plan $1000 $2000
24 RCNY §8-05(f)(1) Minimum daily water quality measurements not taken or recorded $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(f)(2) Failure to collect, analyze or record weekly biological process control indicators $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(f)(3) Legionella samples not collected or analyzed, or results not recorded or reported to the Department as required $1000 $2000
24 RCNY §8-05(f)(4) Failure to monitor and sample from representative locations and times $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-05(f)(5) Required corrective actions no taken based on bacteriological results $1000 $2000
24 RCNY §8-06(a) Improper or inadequate shutdown procedures $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-06(b)(1) Improper or inadequate start-up procedures $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-06(b)(2) Legionella samples not collected, analyzed before system start-up $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-06(c) New cooling tower not or inadequately cleaned and disinfected prior to operating $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-07(a) Failure to document all inspections, logs, tests, cleaning, and disinfection in accordance with the maintenance program and plan $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-07(a) Failure to retain records for at least 3 years $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-07(a) Required records not kept at the cooling tower premises $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-07(c) Department of Buildings Cooling Tower Registration Number not posted as required $500 $1000
24 RCNY §8-07(d) Records not made immediately available to Department upon request $500 $1000
State Sanitary Code Part 4 Miscellaneous provisions $250 $250

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