3 X Per Week Water Testing Services and Legionella Testing

Man inspecting cooling towerWHY put your employees at risk by having them conduct the required monitoring tasks that NYC is enforcing for cooling towers.

There are multiple risks (i.e., exposure to the Legionella bacteria, accidents in your mechanical room or even worse, accidents at the cooling tower on your roof, etc.) that your team can avoid by simply outsourcing these monitoring tasks to a cooling tower compliance team. Our elite team can easily take care of the following responsibilities for your building and document every step of the way with our ELRM Mobile Application:

  • 3 X Per Week Water Testing of the Cooling Tower (all water testing equipment is free with our services)
  • Weekly Inspection of the Cooling Tower
  • Weekly Inspection of the Chemical Station
  • Weekly Dip-slide Testing of the Cooling Tower
  • Communicating with the Water Treatment Vendor and all other Necessary Parties when things are out of range.

The Legionella bacteria causes Legionellosis, which is a serious respiratory disease. Sometimes, this bacteria causes a serious type of pneumonia (lung infection) called Legionnaires’ disease.
NYC-CTIS has a lead Certified Water Technologist and a team of NY State Certified Water Treatment Professionals on call for Legionella testing.

Having been involved with current legislation, as well as consulting on recent Legionella outbreaks throughout New York City, our team delivers expert Legionella testing and reporting services that are unbiased and technically sound.

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