Legionella Testing

legionella testing nyc
Legionella testing could have prevented the more than 438 confirmed cases of Legionnaire’s Disease in NYC in 2015. About 5,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease are now reported each year in the United States. More illness is usually found in the summer and early fall, but it can happen any time of year.

The Legionella bacteria causes Legionellosis, which is a serious respiratory disease. Sometimes, this bacteria causes a serious type of pneumonia (lung infection) called Legionnaires’ disease.

The recent outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease in New York City is attributed to the spread of the Legionella bacteria through the inhalation of aerosolized water (droplets or mist) emanating from infected cooling towers. As a result, New York State and New York City mandated cooling towers to have Legionella testing regularly by a qualified professional (i.e., inspections conducted by a licensed engineer, an industrial hygienist, an environmental consultant, or a certified water technologist). Inspections must now include Legionella and be conducted every 90 days. Records of all cooling tower activities must be accurately maintained.

legionella testing nycNYC-CTIS has a lead Certified Water Technologist and a team of NY State Certified Water Treatment Professionals on call for Legionella testing.

Having been involved with current legislation, as well as consulting on recent Legionella outbreaks throughout New York City, our team delivers expert Legionella testing and reporting services that are unbiased and technically sound.

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WARNING: It is ill-advised to allow a water treatment vendor to inspect their own chemical program. To reduce risk and liability, you are best served by independent, unbiased testing from certified water treatment experts. Your ideal option is to have your Legionella concerns managed by an experienced Certified Water Technologist.