Understanding Cooling Tower Regulations and LL 77

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As a Building Owner with a Cooling Tower it is important to follow cooling tower regulations in New York City. The LAW REQUIRES:

  • Routine inspections and Legionella Testing of active cooling towers by a qualified professional prior to seasonal start-up and every 90 days!
  • You respond appropriately to an elevated Legionella culture sampling result exceeding 1,000 colony-forming units (CFU) per milliliter (mL) and you notify the local health department within 24 hours!
  • Twice a year your cooling tower be disinfected by a licensed pesticide applicator or technician certified by NY State!
  • A maintenance plan for each cooling tower be developed and strictly followed!
  • Each year by NOVEMBER 1st certification be obtained from a credentialed inspector stating a maintenance plan for each cooling tower has been followed and all cooling tower regulation requirements have been met!
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WARNING: It is ill-advised to allow a water treatment vendor to inspect their own chemical program. To reduce risk and liability, you are best served by independent, unbiased testing from certified water treatment experts. Your ideal option is to have your Legionella concerns managed by an experienced Certified Water Technologist.