Cooling Tower Maintenance Program and Plan (CT-MPP)


Our cooing tower compliance experts will develop a 100% COMPLIANT Cooling Tower Maintenance Program & Plan. Your next visit by the NYC Cooling Tower Inspectors will be easy with our quality driven plan in place.

IMPORTANT: Our Plan has been reviewed by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC-DOHMH)..

All Cooling Tower Maintenance Program and Plans will be reviewed by our Lead Certified Water Technologist. (A certified water technologist is accredited through the Association of Water Technologies).

Here are some of the things that we will hand-tailor within your CT-MPP for your Building’s Legionella Management Team;

  • Obtain All Necessary Information From Your Current Water Treatment Vendor in order to create the most comprehensive Water Treatment Section that you can ever imagine!

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  • Develop The Notification and Corrective Procedures for your qualified person (s) and responsible person (s). These procedures are critical to your facility.
  • Develop The Required Schematic – Flow Diagram for Your Building’s Cooling Tower System
  • Develop The Required, Routine (Weekly) Monitoring Logs that the responsible person (s) must perform on a weekly basis.
  • Obtain the Required Cooling Tower – Aerosol Control Documentation  from your cooling tower manufacturer.
  • Develop The Required, Routine Cooling Tower Maintenance (Monthly) Log for your building or mechanical team to adhere to.
  • Develop The Protocol and Logs for the Required Legionella and Dip-Slide Sampling for the qualified person (s) and responsible person (s).
  • Develop the Required Cooling Tower Start-Up/Shut Down/Idling Protocol for your building’s cooling tower.
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PLEASE NOTE: All cooling tower compliance logs must be properly filled out and made available to the department upon request.

  • Owners must keep and store records onsite for at least 3 years.

Stop the Cooling Tower Fines and Call Us to Develop a 100% Compliant Cooling Tower Plan For Your Building.

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