COMPLI APP: Zero cooling tower violations
"A Visually Rich Experience"


Our award winning mobile/desktop system incorporates Apple and Android technologies. NYC agrees that our system really takes cooling tower and domestic water compliance monitoring to the next level. Our platform offers complete control over all aspects of compliance. More specifically, all locations may be monitored and controlled, the possibilities are endless.
We are truly excited that what we are bringing site log books into a more controlled, manageable environment. COMPLIAPP is being used not only as a monitoring tool, but as a full compliance water testing and filing system. Compli App is the future of compliance.

nyc cooling tower regulations
Compliapp: Zero Cooling Tower Violations

Management can provide different levels of access to records and functionality for different users within the building.


Testers will have a visually, robust experience with our water testing and filing application. Testing can be performed via a phone, tablet , or computer.

Compliapp: Zero Cooling Tower Violations
  1. Instant access to all of your records via any cellphone, tablet, and/or computer.
  2. All users are user name and password protected.
  3. Multiple users can be provided access to your records.
  4. You will have TOTAL CONTROL of who will have access to your records.
  5. Two users can be setup not to see same clients, so jobs will not get doubled up.