Legionella Disinfection NYC: Chlorine Dioxide Treatment for Potable Water

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is the most effective Legionella killer and it is approved by the EPA for use as a potable water disinfectant.

Following a strict Legionella disinfection protocol, our experienced cleaning specialists disinfect domestic water systems using chlorine dioxide because of it’s potent pathogen destroying capabilities. Chlorine dioxide treatment is extremely effective and our on-site production of this chemical is safe for use as a potable water disinfectant in nursing home facilities, fitness facilities, hospitals, residential buildings, commercial buildings, universities, colleges, and retail stores.

Although there is ‘chlorine’ in the name, it actually contains no chlorine and has virtually no chlorite. In order to produce the compound, our portable chlorine dioxide system requires a liquid solution of 25% sodium chlorite. This sodium chlorite solution passes through a cation exchange resin (H+ form) and then produces chlorous acid without the residual Na+. In other words, this exchange process removes the Na+ from the sodium chlorite and replaces it with H+ to form pure chlorous acid (HCLO2). Once the pure chlorous acid is formed, this acid then passes through a platinum catalyst (our catalytic technology converts virtually all of the chlorous acid instantaneously to Chlorine Dioxide). The resultant solution is a dilute 700 mg/l Chlorine Dioxide product.

Fast-acting chlorine dioxide works quickly to kill bacteria, as well as virus, fungus and spores.

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