NYC Commercial Cooling Tower Compliance

Legionella Water Testing & Remediation for Commercial Buildings in New York City

Proper cooling tower legionella testing, mandated maintenance plans, and fast remediation can only be done by a qualified professional with a 7G category license. New York City Cooling Tower Inspections & Services works with retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices and other commercial buildings to help you stay compliant and avoid fines.

Protecting Your Business

Maintaining strict cooling tower compliance, including implementing a New York State and City mandated preventative maintenance plan for your cooling tower and domestic water systems, protects your occupants and your business. Avoiding the risk of legionella infection saves you downtime that can hurt your bottom line and your brand.

Custom Maintenance Plan for Legionella Compliance & Testing

Every commercial space is different, with unique needs for legionella prevention. NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services surveys your cooling tower and domestic water systems to develop a custom maintenance plan and legionella testing to best protect you from risk and liability. Taking proactive measures against legionella growth in your commercial facility saves you time and money, while keeping your building occupants safe and healthy.

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