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As our experts have been involved with the most recent Legionella scares in NYC, we have a very strong foundation on how NYC cooling tower inspectors think and, more importantly, what questions that they may possibly ask during an inspection. There is just too much at stake! Minimizing the possibility of receiving violations after an NYC Cooling Tower Inspection is our goal.

steven serranoNYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services is pleased to provide you with on-going support and consulting as part of your contract with us. Keeping you well-informed regarding the current NYC Cooling Tower Regulations allows us to deliver the highest possible service and timely information to you in order to avoid fines and stay in compliance.

As part of our commitment to you, we provide quick response time to your questions and concerns as well as direct owner contact. We have a core value of transparency that introduces you to our team and lets you know exactly when and what is being done or has been done.

Our team of water treatment experts are credentialed, experienced, and possesses a high degree of technical proficiency. Join us today and work with a company that is designed to safeguard your building and exceed your expectations.

  • Unbiased Consults
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  • On-going Support

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