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Testing & Inspection

Delivering health and fitness facility industry expertise for mandated cooling tower water testing, inspections and maintenance plans. NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services helps you to stay compliant, protect your customers, and keep your business operational.

Avoid Downtime and Liability

Legionella is a dangerous bacteria tha can lead to serious illness and even death. If it’s detected in your cooling towers, you’ll face lengthy downtime for legionella remediation, liability for any illness it caused, and, not to mention, irreparable harm to your health facility’s brand.

If you are doing your own cooling tower water testing, you are putting your business at risk!

Your First Line of Defense

Hire a cooling tower professional! With your business and your customers at risk, there’s simply too much at stake to have your cooling tower water testing and inspection done by anyone who is not professionally trained to know what to look for.

Lead by our Certified Water Technologist, NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services (NYC-CTIS) has the experienced team of 7G certified cooling tower experts you need as your first line of defense. Our expertise helps to keep your cooling tower legionella-free and your business protected from fines. We also offer maintenance program services that ensure ongoing compliance with cooling tower regulations.

Trust the experts at NYC-CTIS to keep you, your customers and your health facility free from the dangers and hassles of legionella.

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