Have You Been Visited by a Cooling Tower Inspector? Did You Receive a Cooling Tower Violation? If so, You Must Act Immediately!

If you are in New York City and have received a cooling tower violation following an inspection, you must act fast. Failure to resolve your cooling tower violations in a timely manner will lead to even harsher fines and penalties.

The most common violations include:

  • 24 RCNY 8-03: Maintenance program and plan incomplete or not on premises
  • 24 RCNY 8-04(a): Routine monitoring not conducted, documented at least once a week when tower is in use
  • 24 RCNY 8-04(c): Routine maintenance according to maintenance program and plan not conducted or documented
  • 24 RCNY 8-05(c)(3): No records of all chemicals and biocides added
  • 24 RCNY 8-05(f)(1): Minimum daily water quality measurements not taken or recorded
  • 24 RCNY 8-05(f)(5): Required corrective actions not taken based on bacteriological results
  • 24 RCNY 8-07(c): Department of Buildings Cooling Tower Registration Number not posted as required

NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services has been deeply involved in cooling tower regulations since the original legislation was drafted. Our licensed, certified experts have a thorough understanding of cooling tower violations, and, more importantly, the path to cooling tower compliance before penalties and fines get worse.


If you’ve received a cooling tower violation, you don’t have much time to act. Trust the experts at NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services to help you achieve and maintain cooling tower compliance.

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