Protect Your Healthcare Facility and Patients with Legionella Water Testing & Remediation

NYC Healthcare facilities are mandated by New York City and the State to protect their patients and staff from legionella. NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services utilizes the most effective prevention and remediation methods to safeguard your  healthcare facility’s domestic water system.
Widely recognized as legionella and domestic water system experts, NYC Cooling Tower Inspections and Services (NYC-CTIS) utilizes the most effective legionella prevention and disinfection methods using a non-chlorine based process. Whether your domestic water system is already infected or you want to safeguard against contamination, our expertise reduces risk and liability for your healthcare facilities.

Our services include:

  • Legionella sampling
  • Legionella remediation plan and execution
  • Chlorine Dioxide disinfection (Non-Chlorine Method)

Don’t wait. Act now to protect your facility, your patients, and your business.

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