Legionella Water Testing & Remediation for Residential High-Rise Buildings in New York City

Legionella poses a serious health threat to your NYC residential high-rise building’s occupants, and a serious liability for the building owner. Regulatory legionella compliance is your only safeguard against fines and lawsuits. NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services helps guide you through the complicated regulatory landscape with expert management plans and legionella water testing for your cooling tower and domestic water systems.

Mitigate Risk and Limit Liability

An outbreak of legionella in your high-rise is a serious health hazard. If legionella is detected in your cooling tower or domestic water system, you have to act quickly. It’s the law! New York State and City regulations require you to follow very specific steps that must be carried out by a qualified professional with a 7G category license.

Prevention Is Best

NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services is an industry-leader in legionella compliance. Since being involved in the recent drafting of legionella legislation in NYC, we continue to help owners and property managers of residential high-rise buildings to effectively manage against infection.

Working with our Certified Water Technologist and 7G category licensed technicians, you’ll get the qualified guidance and services you need to protect your tenants and your investment

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