When it’s time for new cooling tower and water treatment equipment, our strategic partnerships with New York City’s leading mechanical contractors gives you the lead support that you need.

Whether constructing from the ground-up, retrofitting, or replacing outdated cooling tower and HVAC equipment, our strategic alliance with New York City’s leading mechanical contractors gives you the critical support you need to ensure the right solution.

With BIM 3D modelling support available, as well as piping and sheet metal fabrication capabilities, our strategic partners are able to perform all HVAC and piping work including installation of units, thermostats, control systems, all electrical, as well as the installation and retrofitting of ductwork and piping.

Water treatment equipment installations include (but are not limited to):

  • Custom, Cooling Tower Equipment Packages for large sized systems or smaller sized systems.
    Packages include the full installation of a remotely monitored or non-remotely monitored water treatment controller/microprocessor, 3 chemical metering pumps, 3 chemically resistant tanks, a motorized bleed valve, and a flow assembly manifold (panel included).

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