Since NYC’s 2015 Legionella outbreaks, our certified, NYC Cooling Tower Compliance experts have been advocating and consulting to achieve public safety. As ambassadors to public safety, we consult on all NYC Cooling Tower Compliance and Legionella-related Issues.Most noteworthy, is that one of our compliance experts was there to help project manage the road back to compliance for the Opera House Hotel and Co-Op City Power Plant in the Bronx. These 2 locations were deemed the original Epi-Centers for NY’s 2015 Legionella outbreaks. Our cooling tower compliance team has assisted the NYC public in the most extreme circumstances and we can certainly help your building staff with all of your cooling tower compliance concerns.

Steven Serrano, CEO of NYC-CTIS




“No one can predict what a NYC cooling tower inspector will do or say. But, our on-going conversations with the NYC Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) provides us with an excellent frame of reference to guide building owners to a safe road; the road to no cooling tower violations.”




Additionally, as a consultancy, we have strong relationships with the owners of NYC’s premiere water treatment vendors and HVAC mechanical contractors. Our unique relationships make us your one-stop resource for getting your building/facility back into compliance with the NYC cooling tower regulations. From helping your team to avoid conflicts of interest to conducting all of your  cooling tower compliance services.

IMPORTANT: Our NYC-CTIS cooling tower compliance experts are seasoned veterans of the water treatment industry. Noteworthy to mention is that our Lead Certified Water Technologist and other NYC-CTIS team members have had direct communication with NYC’s DOHMH in order to develop our AWARD winning LEGIONELLA phone-website mobile application.