Cooling tower water treatment in NYC is closely regulated by New York City’s DOHMH’s official cooling tower inspection team.

As discussed in our most recent blog, NYC’s official cooling tower inspectors are back in full force and visiting locations for their annual cooling tower inspection.  PLEASE NOTE: We have also recently witnessed another version of this inspection……a request for a building owner to conduct an online request for a cooling tower inspection. These online inspections are how the NYC officials conducted their inspections last year .  Overall, it appears that NYC will receive a hybrid of inspections this year:

  1. Online cooling tower inspections

  2. On-site cooling tower inspections

END Cooling Tower Violations With Our Services

One of the best ways to protect your business from non-compliance, which can lead to huge fines, is to hire a certified, independent cooling tower consultant to conduct a cooling tower compliance audit. These audits will help ensure everything is being conducted correctly with regards to compliance and water treatment.

With the uptick in inspections, hundreds of cooling towers are failing inspections because of improper documentation. Keep your businesses safe and better protected from costly fines with our elite services.

Find out how to obtain ZERO cooling tower violations for all of your properties by calling us today (718) 799-5204. Portfolios obtain our special 20% discount.

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