At NYC-CTIS, we are so immensely grateful to our staff and their tireless efforts to support our mission. While starting a company was an option, we chose to hire individuals with immense potential and invest in their growth, helping them realize their strengths and abilities.

At our organization, we recognize our employees’ accomplishments through various means, such as raises, commissions, and bonuses. However, while such incentives are undoubtedly helpful, showing respect and appreciation can have an even more profound impact on retaining great employees. Such gestures cost the business nothing and can significantly boost an individual’s mental wellbeing and career growth.

Did you know that the U.S. Army’s research confirms that for every constructive criticism, individuals require eight praises to accept and grow? Moreover, recent studies reveal that more than a third of employees who have recently quit their jobs cited a lack of appreciation for their contributions as the primary reason for their departure.

Appreciation, at times, triggers a chain reaction that enables employees to achieve greatness. When they sense that you believe in them, it builds motivation, self-confidence, and drive to succeed for both themselves and the organization.

However, building up employees is not as simple as it sounds. It comes naturally to some individuals who possess enough charisma and optimism to attract and inspire loyalty. Such people recognize the good in their colleagues or employees, focusing on their strengths instead of weaknesses.

The key is sincerity and authenticity, genuinely showing interest in an individual’s life and learning about their strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and personalities, as well as their similarities and differences. This balancing act may require time and effort, but the potential return on investment is immeasurable.

In conclusion, building up your people is critical in fostering an environment of growth, appreciation, and respect, which ultimately translates into a successful organization.

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