At NYC-CTIS, we are so grateful to our staff and their endless endeavors to support our mission. Building a company was an option, but we then chose to hire individuals that displayed tremendous potential and build people up, helping them to see their strengths and potential!

At NYC-CTIS, one of the ways that we recognize our employees’ accomplishments are with raises, commissions, and/0r bonuses. IMPORTANT: Raises and bonuses are always helpful, of course, but demonstrating your respect and appreciation can be a far more powerful way to keep great employees in the fold. These gestures cost your business nothing and yield big impacts to a person’s mental well being and career.

Did you know that research by the U.S. Army confirmed that in order to accept and grow from criticism people need eight praises for every constructive criticism. Moreover, recent studies detail that more than a third of employees who had recently quit a job said that the number #1 factor in their decision was a lack of appreciation for their contributions.

Appreciation, at times, triggers a chain reaction that enables employees to rise to greatness. They sense it when you believe in them. It also builds motivation, self-confidence, and may even boost their drive to produce and succeed—for both themselves and the company.

Building up employees isn’t as simple as it sounds, though. It comes easily for some people. They are born people builders, with enough charisma and optimism to attract friends and inspire loyalty. These people magnets encourage employees or friends by recognizing what’s good about them and what they do, rather than fixating on their weaknesses.

The key is sincerity and authenticity.  To genuinely show interest in one’s life and learn your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, their business beliefs and personalities, and their similarities and differences. Yes, this balancing act takes effort and time….but, just imagine the potential return.

Build up your people…….

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