From Covid-19 issues to variants of this virus to closed businesses! Wow…the world can really throw some curves balls….sometimes.  These curve balls may present to people in different ways at the workplace, but there are a few things that are universals for preventing the blues: 


  1. Simply Let Go!  Sometimes holding onto a lot of emotional information (baggage) to oneself can be quite debilitating and burdensome. Letting a work buddy know what you are going through may and, at times, will help!  The simple act of talking about your emotions and your life will expel energy and draw people in and that is always good ………who doesn’t need another friend to be able to call and say


     2. Ask one of your coworkers for help on one of your current work projects. You will be amazed at their response. Sometimes you simply have to admit to yourself that your current workload is too much and that you need help.  Burying yourself in work and not having a well balanced life means bad news for your emotional health and near future. Ask for help………simply ask.


3. Have Fun at Work! Ask your manager if you can listen to music or watch TV, at certain time times, while you work? Some new wave and kool employers have even allowed their employees to watch endless cycles of DIVORCE COURT or MAURY while they work!  Music, dancing, and movie watching can all be amazing outlets of energy and can inevitably help a workplace gel a little better. 

The above noted tips help our team at NYC-CTIS. These tips may or may not work for your team and you should also know that we are quite a unique crew of compliance experts and we deserve to have fun, considering all of the serious issues we deal with in our typical day to day work. 
OH……and  if your manager or boss does not let you do many or most of the above noted tips then I guess it is back to…

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