Cooling Tower Regulations and Compliance in NYC: Who is Responsible?

A recent nationwide study by the CDC found that 84% of cooling towers test positive for Legionella!

While NYC is currently the only city to have cooling tower regulations, the study nevertheless reveals just how susceptible cooling towers are to legionella growth.

Strict cooling tower compliance is important to prevent legionella growth, but who’s responsible for compliance? The building owner? The leaser (s)? Great Question!

Cooling Tower Compliance Starts and Ends with the Building Owner

Ultimately, a building owner is responsible and unfortunately, has the most at stake financially when it boils down to cooling tower compliance. The NYC cooling tower regulations detail that the owner is responsible for it all: from registering a cooling tower  to even reviewing and signing off cooling tower plans. 

Even though the building owner is responsible for it all, they are not the only people involved in maintaining the compliance status for the building’s cooling towers. In almost every building in NYC, water treatment vendors are tasked with assisting these building owners with keeping their cooling towers in compliance. However, even the best NYC water treatment companies have struggled to keep NYC buildings free of cooling tower violations.

Due to this on-going struggle (maintaining zero violations within a building), there are hundreds of NYC responsible – building owners that have chosen to lighten their load and hire a cooling tower consultant (an expert in cooling tower compliance). Not only does hiring an independent cooling tower consultant save the building owner time, but it also affords them with a myriad of cost savings.

As always, 4 eyes are better than 2 eyes.  With regards to cooling tower compliance, the routine cooling tower compliance tasks may be shared between the cooling tower consultant and the water treatment technician.

Since these routine cooling tower tasks may be shared, then more professionals are watching over your compliance. It ends up being a win-win situation; we have even seen success within the most difficult settings.

Protect your business and your building occupants – learn more about cooling tower compliance in NYC.

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