Why does Legionella grow in my cooling tower?

Legionella bacteria require the appropriate temperatures and nutrients to enable them to grow and then multiply. These nutrients are common water organisms, sludge, scale and sediment. Legionella bacteria also require IRON to grow, which is often provided by corrosion.





If your cooling tower looks like the pictures above, be concerned and ask for help from a NYC certified water technologist (CWT) or call your local water treatment professional (WTS).

IMPORTANT: The above noted concerns require a holistic approach in order to remediate, and most importantly, the end solution must maintain the integrity of the chosen immediate solution. In these type of issues, our team would recommend a review of the cooling tower’s water testing logs (all historical data), perform on-site water testing, have of a slip of this water analyzed through the usual battery of water tests, and have a reputable cooling tower – repair company look at the tower. Lastly, we would recommend modifications to the current water treatment program, if need be.
IMPORTANT: The current, water treatment program and water treatment company are not always at fault, because there are a myriad of other confounding variables out there that can degrade and corrode a cooling tower at an accelerated rate (i.e., carbonic acid, water loss issues). Be comprehensive and make modifications based on current and past water testing data; water is dynamic…….you never step in the same river twice.
This blog/message was sponsored by NYC-CTIS, an independent cooling tower consultancy. We provide immediate guidance and resources to prevent and/or remediate corrosion and all legionella-related concerns.

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