Clouded Thinking? Here are 3 Tips to Achieve ZERO NYC Cooling Tower Violations.

These official NYC cooling tower inspections, at times, are nerve racking. And, when emotions are running high clouded thinking may occur. Research shows that the more intense your emotions, the more your judgment may grow clouded.  Here are 3 tips on how to remain calm and collected during your next official, NYC cooling tower inspection.

1. Excitement or overconfidence can cause you to overestimate your chances of success.

When you feel really excited about something, you are more likely to underestimate a risk. For instance, assuming that your daily, automated processes (via smart controller) are infallible may lead to a mistake or even worse a violation.  Try your best to not eliminate the human factor within your overall cooling tower compliance.

2. Be more aware of your current anxiety level.

If you’re anxious about something going on in your personal life – perhaps you’re worried about a health scare or you’re nervous about buying a new home – it can cause you to feel anxious during an actual city cooling tower inspection. Even though the situations are completely unrelated, research shows you will likely have trouble separating the two.

Anxiety over one specific issue can linger. When you are feeling nervous, you may refuse to create change or you may struggle to make decisions. As a result, your thinking is likely to be clouded.

3. Balance Emotion and Logic

To make balanced choices, acknowledge your emotions. Pay attention to the way that you are feeling and recognize how those emotions may distort your thinking and influence your behavior.

Raise your logic and decrease your emotional reactivity by listing the pros and cons of a tough decision. Seeing the facts on paper can help you think more rationally about your options and prevent your emotions from getting the best of you.
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