With a renewed wave of NYC zeal, the NYC cooling tower inspectors are back on foot and hitting all registered cooling towers again. Not sure how they do it, what an organized task…….all cooling towers to be inspected within a 1 year period.

Taking the above noted information into consideration, let us help by providing you with a resource for your next official cooling tower inspection:

  • The NYC law requires your building staff to have 3 years worth of records in hand during all inspections. Paperwork can get very messy and so do your best to invest in a mobile software that will keep all of your records within the palms of your engineers’ hand. IMPORTANT: Great thing to know is that we sell the leading Legionella Mobile App for all of your documentation.


  • These official inspections can go very smoothly if you have one location for all of your files….why not make this location within your cell phone. We make it that easy for you and your team. PLEASE NOTE: It does not matter which water treatment vendor you are using, because our mobile app will take into consideration all reporting styles.

  • Our mobile app – COMPLIAPP is a 50% cheaper than any other mobile software being used within NYC.

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