Retailers: Who’s Testing the Water in Your Cooling Towers?

As a retailer, your goal is selling whatever’s on display – other physical operations have to take a backseat for the sake of profit. But unfortunately, your profit can be impacted by more than just sales. Neglecting your facility’s operations, including cooling tower testing, can cause safety concerns, and ultimately cause a serious hit to your business.

All too often, retailers have their sales reps and staff balance cooling tower water testing along with their other responsibilities. This may lead to a potentially grave mistake. NYC takes cooling tower compliance seriously and water testing is of tremendous importance.

What’s at Stake?

First and foremost, NYC regulations are complex and strictly enforced – these regulations were a result of a deadly outbreak of Legionnaire’s in 2015 caused by legionella growth in cooling towers. Unless you feel confident in your sales reps monitoring water pH, conductivity, temperature and free chlorine levels, you could be at serious risk of violating NYC regulations – which come with steep fines and penalties – as well as legionella growth, which puts all building occupants at risk of serious illness.

What Can You Do?

The best way to protect yourself from Legionella concerns is to hire a 3rd party to perform cooling tower water testing and inspections for you. Preferably, this 3rd party will have extensive experience dealing with cooling towers and NYC legislation.

Putting cooling tower water testing into the hands of a qualified expert minimizes your risk of legionella growth and the subsequent fines and lost revenue. Additionally, you can keep your sales reps focused on making sales instead of worrying about cooling tower water.

Cooling tower compliance in NYC is not to be taken lightly – the penalties are severe and the health and safety consequences of non-compliance can be a serious public health hazard. Hire a 3rd party to protect your building occupants and your bottom line.

To learn more about the importance of professional cooling tower testing, keep reading about legionella testing.

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