Cooling Tower Maintenance and Compliance Requires Special Attention in Healthcare Facilities

A recent CDC study revealed that 57% of Legionnaire’s Disease cases and 85% of associated fatalities are related to healthcare facilities. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to contracting Legionnaire’s Disease, and it can often be fatal for this vulnerable group. Legionella bacteria typically grows in potable water systems and cooling towers. Despite tight regulations surrounding maintenance, cooling towers in NYC have proven to be a frequent source of Legionnaire’s outbreaks. Healthcare facilities need to focus special attention on cooling tower maintenance and compliance.

Why is Cooling Tower Maintenance and Compliance So Important for Healthcare Facilities?

Cooling towers can be a breeding ground for legionella bacteria, as mentioned. Healthcare facilities have a duty to not only protect their patients, but to prevent any further harm being done in their care.

In this sense, cooling tower maintenance and compliance aligns directly with a healthcare facility’s goal to provide the best care for patients. The CDC study mentioned above shows that healthcare facilities are not doing enough to protect vulnerable patients from Legionnaire’s. It’s important to see cooling tower maintenance and compliance as part of the caregiving process in order to protect patients from legionella bacteria.

What Can Healthcare Facilities Do to Better Protect Patients?

Healthcare facilities will benefit greatly from getting a cooling tower compliance audit. Essentially, a cooling tower audit is when a certified expert mimics the government’s inspection process. This will immediately help save money by pointing out all the places where a healthcare facility would be fined for non-compliance, but it will also help protect patients.

A cooling tower compliance audit can reveal inadequacies in the regular maintenance of cooling towers that could allow for legionella growth. Identifying the problem is the first step in remediating or avoiding legionella growth in cooling towers. An audit can help a healthcare facility provide better care to their patients.

Healthcare facilities have a duty to protect their patients – cooling tower maintenance and compliance requires special attention for this reason. A cooling tower audit from certified experts helps a healthcare facility maintain a healthy environment for patients.

For assistance with compliance, learn more about cooling tower compliance services for healthcare facilities in NYC.

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