How NYC Cooling Tower Testing is Causing Retailers to Lose Employees and Sales

Which is more important, cooling tower testing and compliance or driving more sales? Without a doubt, all retailers will say that driving sales is more important.

Many retailers treat cooling tower testing and compliance as a chore, something that needs to be done quickly and cheaply so as not to distract from the real work of being a retailer. But the truth is that cooling tower compliance and retail sales are linked – just probably not in a way you would immediately think about.

The main problem is that retailers typically have their employees conduct cooling tower testing. Possibly without even knowing it, this causes several different problems for retailers – problems that could easily be fixed.

Why Retail Employees Shouldn’t Conduct Cooling Tower Testing

When retail employees are conducting cooling tower testing, it hurts retention and can even begin to hurt sales for your business. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t have your retail employees conduct cooling tower testing.

It’s Not Their Job

Cooling towers are filthy. Weekly bacteriological testing is dirty work. You’ve hired your employees to work in your store, not up on the roof. When they have to do cooling tower testing, it may ruin employee enthusiasm. Here are two possible things that may happen when employees lose their enthusiasm for their job: they leave and their customer service skills drop significantly, which can lead to fewer sales. Everyone is happier if retail employees don’t have to conduct cooling tower testing.

It’s Dirty

As mentioned, cooling towers are very dirty. Not only does that hurt employee enthusiasm, but that mess starts to get tracked back into your store. For example, white spa garments would get ruined when testing a cooling tower. Who would want a massage from someone covered in dirt and bacteria? Similarly, if your show room floor is dirty from your cooling tower, you’ll have a much harder time making sales.

It’s Dangerous

Your retail employees aren’t properly trained for cooling tower testing. This could expose them to possible dangerous bacteria, such as legionella. It’s also dangerous for other NYC residents, as retail employees who aren’t properly trained are likely to perform inadequate testing procedures. This leaves your cooling tower vulnerable, and in the end, you’re liable for any bacteriological growth.

Having retail employees conduct cooling tower testing is a bad idea for many reasons. Some of the more impactful consequences include poor employee retention and lost sales. There’s absolutely a business case for outsourcing cooling tower testing, maintenance and inspection.

Outsourcing cooling tower regulatory functions reduces your liability, improves employee enthusiasm and can even help you drive higher sales numbers.

Learn more about the benefits of outsourced cooling tower compliance services from NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services.

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