NYC Cooling Tower Fines Can Stack Up Quickly

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Maintaining compliance with cooling tower regulations in NYC is important for the health and safety of the city’s residents, but it’s also important for your bottom line. Cooling tower regulations are strict, and if you’re not in compliance with one requirement of the regulation, chances are you’re going to get slapped with multiple fines.

After cooling towers were deemed the source of a deadly outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease, cooling tower regulations were drafted and strictly enforced. Not only can one infraction lead to several fines, but after you’re found in non-compliance, you must act quickly or else you’ll be fined for repeat violations. NYC cooling tower fines can stack up quickly if you’re not prepared.

Common Cooling Tower Fines

Despite the health and safety implications in cooling tower compliance, as well as the looming threat of severe fines, cooling towers are still found in non-compliance regularly. Here are some of the most common fines:

  • 24 RCNY 8-03: Maintenance program and plan incomplete or not on premises. ($1000)
  • 24 RCNY 8-04(a): Routine monitoring not conducted, documented at least once a week when tower is in use. ($500)
  • 24 RCNY 8-04(c): Routine maintenance according to maintenance program and plan not conducted or documented. ($500)
  • 24 RCNY 8-05(c)(3): No records of all chemicals and biocides added. ($500)
  • 24 RCNY 8-05(f)(1): Minimum daily water quality measurements not taken or recorded. ($500)

As you can see, each of these common cooling tower fines mention documentation. In essence, even if you follow the regulations perfectly, if your documentation is not in order, you will still be fined.

You can also see from these examples how cooling tower fines can add up so quickly. If your reports are missing a page or there’s a section that’s inaccurate, you can be fined. The cost of these fines only represents first time offenses – repeat violations are doubled.

NYC cooling tower violations are strictly enforced – the health and safety of NYC residents are on the line. If you’re in non-compliance it will cost you. Cooling tower fines tend to stack up quickly, and if you don’t act on them immediately, they increase exponentially.

If you want to learn more about fines and violations, continue reading about NYC cooling tower violations and fines.

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