The Importance of Cooling Tower Compliance Amidst Alarming Rise in Legionnaire’s Disease

New York City is seeing an alarming rise in cases of Legionnaire’s Disease, despite strict regulations. The need to remain in compliance with cooling tower regulations has never been more important, not just to protect your business from costly fines, but to protect NYC residents from contracting Legionnaire’s Disease.

The Rise of Legionnaire’s Disease Cases

In 2015, cooling towers were found to be responsible for an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease that sickened well over 100 people and proved fatal for 12. After this outbreak, the City of New York took immediate action and drafted exhaustive regulations on cooling tower maintenance, inspection and water treatment.

While incidences of Legionnaire’s Disease are on the rise across the country, NYC by far has the worst legionella problem. The Alliance to Prevent Legionnaire’s Disease (APLD) recently reported that 400 people were sickened in NYC in 2017 – a 64% spike from the 268 reported cases of Legionnaire’s in 2016. In total, NYC accounted for 44% of New York State’s 1,009 Legionnaire’s cases – the most of any state in the nation.

Protect NYC Residents and Your Bottom Line

Now more than ever, cooling tower compliance is vitally important. Not only to protect your business from costly fines, but to protect NYC residents. With the rate of Legionnaire’s cases rising dramatically, in defiance of strict NYC cooling tower regulations, inspectors will be out in full force conducting random inspections.

All cooling tower maintenance and inspection items must be documented immediately. Random inspections often catch improper cooling tower documentation, which leads to fines just as if maintenance and inspection weren’t performed at all.

With the startling rise of Legionnaire’s cases in NYC, enforcement will be strict. Those not in compliance with NYC cooling tower regulations will face severe penalties up to $25,000. It’s more important than ever to remain in compliance with NYC’s cooling tower regulations.

NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services, having been involved with recent cooling tower legislation, fully understand the requirements to achieve cooling tower compliance. Learn more about how to protect your business, as well as NYC residents, with expert NYC cooling tower compliance services.

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